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Sam Dunn, Sr had a dream in October 1996 to take a leap of faith and expand on his experiences in logistics to build a Company to provide distribution services for Coors Brewing Company. His vision materialized in January 1997 with the transloading of the first railcars at the Irving facility. This facility was located at the Old Kroger meat plant and was only the beginning of his innovation.

Sam Dunn, Sr, having been in the beer distribution industry for most of his adult life, and with success of the Irving facility expanded our operations with the opening of the Longview, Texas facility in July, 2000 to provide a transload operation for Corona Beer. It didn’t take long for the expansion to grow into warehousing for numerous other Customers and product types.

In May 2003, Sam Dunn, Sr. purchased the building from Stroh’s Brewing Company which enabled Sam Dunn Enterprises, Inc. to increase its warehouse space to over 650,000 square feet. Within a few months, the operations had grown to multiple shifts. Demands of Customers in 2003 gave an opportunity for growth and Sam Dunn Express, LLC was formed to provide transportation services to the warehouse Customers.

Sam Dunn, Sr passed away in 2007 but left behind a legacy of a thriving Company with incredible expansion capabilities to his children. Sam Dunn, Jr and Sandra J Holm continue to run the operations today. Sam Dunn, Sr's dream was to be a small business owner that could employ his children and provide them and their families a living. He wanted to employ people that would get a sense of how important family was to him and how they, as employees, were important to him as well. He never wanted to live extravagantly but only to provide a nice living for his family. In order to get the business started he had to cash in his savings, retirement and max out credit cards at the age of 62. It took over 6 years to get those original investments repaid but it was only through risking everything, innovation, dedication, and a lot of sleepless hours that he was able to make that happen.