Our facility is situated between Dallas, Texas and Shreveport, Louisiana in Longview, Texas, conveniently located off I-20. It is a dry, food grade, warehousing operation consisting of approximately 650,000 square feet with 45 rail spots inside the warehouse with 32 truck dock doors and a rail spur line running adjacent to the building that is capable of holding an additional 34 railcars. Our entire facility is in an active Foreign Trade Zone, which can be a benefit to anyone who imports or exports merchandise to or from the U.S.

Facility Specifications:

  • Over 650,000 square feet of warehouse space
  • 28 truck dock doors
  • 7 finger docks with 2 ramps for outside access
  • 45 railcar spot capability under roof
  • 34 railcar spot transload track parallel to building
  • 32’ and 26’ ceilings
  • 61 acres of land – fully fenced (Old Stroh’s Brewery)
  • Secured by motion detectors, laser beams and video surveillance equipment with digital recording
  • Night security patrol
  • 24hr monitored alarms
  • Key pad warehouse entry

Fire Protection System:

  • Water supplied to facility by 12” mains
  • Sprinkler systems throughout facility are supplied by eighteen 8” risers
  • Back up system powered by 1500 gpm pump with 300,000 gallon on-site reservoir
  • System monitored and certified annually by Rudd Fire Protection

Rail Tracks:

  • 12 Spurs on Facility
    • 9 Tracks Under Roof with 5 Spots Each
      • Overflow spots available outside building on each of these 9 spurs
    • 1 Long Spur Track with 34 Spots
    • 1 Outside Spur Track with 10 Spots
    • 1 Short Spur Track with 6 Spots
  • 8500 Ft of Rail Track
  • 1750 Ft of Track (future expansion capability) parallel to long spur track

Facilities & Equipment Maintenance:

  • Facilities and equipment are maintained by a combination of on-site maintenance staff and PM agreements with various suppliers
  • Utilization of maintenance management software to track tasks and generate PM schedules
  • Certified electrician on staff