Sam Dunn Enterprises, Inc. offers 45 rail spots inside the warehouse and features the only spur in East Texas located on-site running adjacent to the building. The outside facility holds 34 spots for trans-loading and is capable of holding an additional 20+ capacity. Serviced by Union Pacific, rail transport is extremely cost-effective, not to mention the safest mode of transportation in the US, but it’s important to every company’s bottom line. Because one railcar can hold the equivalent of roughly four truckloads, you can instantly save on freight costs while receiving the dependability and versatility your freight requires.

Trans-loading and warehousing provide not only the environmental benefits of shipping by rail, but also a turnkey logistics solution that combines the economies of rail, the flexibility of trucking, and the cost savings of inventory management.

Additionally, the benefits of shipping by rail include increased efficiency, decreased energy consumption, reduced highway gridlock (by taking trucks off the road), reduced material handling and packaging costs and is in no way impacted by chronic truck driver shortages that affect your business.

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