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Sam Dunn Enterprises, Inc. facility is on 60 acres and is all located within Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #234.
A FTZ is a restricted-access site, in or adjacent to a US Customs Port of Entry, that is treated by Customs (for purposes of the tariff laws and Customs entry procedures) as being outside the Customs Territory of the United States. Under FTZ procedures, foreign and domestic merchandise may be admitted into the FTZ’s for operations such as storage, exhibition, assembly, manufacture and/or processing – without being subject to formal Customs entry procedures, the payment of Customs duties or the payment of Federal excise taxes.

When merchandise is removed from a FTZ, Customs duties may be eliminated if the goods are then exported from the United States. If the merchandise is formally entered into US commerce, Customs duties and excise taxes are due at the time of transfer from the FTZ.

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