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Sam Dunn Enterprises, Inc. knows that Customers are requiring more supply chain management. One way this is accomplished is through vendor management. Although end users of inventories are looking more and more for just in time delivery it is not changing their demands on setting minimum inventory levels required from their suppliers. Many suppliers are finding themselves storing inventories logistically to enable delivery of products to end users in 24 hours. Third party logistics companies are not only storing for the end user but their suppliers as well. Some of the benefits of vendor management are:

  • Tracking of suppliers inventory for minimum and maximum levels
  • Assures ordering and delivery economies from suppliers
  • Provides for JIT order fulfillment
  • Improves warehousing efficiencies – saves space and stocking time
  • Decreases inventory costs
  • Keeps production running smoothly and efficiently
  • Efficient processing through single-source contact
  • Improved customer satisfaction.