Sam Dunn Enterprises, Inc., knows that to meet and exceed the expectations of our Customers, both current and future, the key must reside within maintaining accurate inventories and timely deliveries. Warehouse and Transportation Management Systems are an essential tool to collecting information, auditing and providing a reporting function that enhance business management by automating the shipping and billing processes.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) –


Transportation Management System (TMS)

We support our Customers with the latest in technology and equipment, using Innovative Computing Corporation Software (TMW) that will support our customer service, operations and EDI functions, along with People Net in all our tractors to provide minute to minute tracking of our Customers loads. Our tractors are late model units with updated technology to provide the highest level fuel savings and efficiency, thus allowing us to provide the most competitive pricing to our Customers.

  • Enables decision makers to act on quantifiable facts and established procedures with “fact-based” reports
  • Gain visibility by creating an infrastructure that links technologies, business processes and functions
  • EDI and other electronic data-feed integration
  • Streamline shipper order input and invoicing process
  • Extensive reporting and KPI/metric dashboards for continuous improvement and higher profitability
  • Exception tracking and alerting
  • Tie in to industry-specific order and data networks, such as those for fuel or for major chemical suppliers
  • Improve order accuracy and fulfillment for greater customer satisfaction and higher retention
  • Control cash flow and provide profitability reporting capabilities
  • Manage trucks, trailers and drivers
  • Streamlines freight billing process
  • Integration with major industry service and solution providers
  • Increase truck, trailer and equipment utilization
  • Driver and equipment qualifications and load requirement tracking, business rules and alerts


On-Board Communications

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